Welcome to my first Blog of many…

Writing a blog has been something I intended to do for some time.  Like me, you probably have become frustrated with news of animal abuse, neglect and cruelty but until we make our protests heard we essentially have no voice.

By sharing our views, however much it may divide opinion, is what brings us closer to understanding the issues and finding solutions. Within my blogs I will share with you my open letters to governing agencies and authorities as well as my personal views on animal welfare.

“…a voice for the voiceless…”

Together we CAN create change and I for one want to stand up and be counted; a voice for the voiceless whether it’s animals of agriculture, wildlife, domestic life or ‘working’ animals forced to entertain in circuses and zoos.  Just by adding your name to an online petition or sharing your opinion means change WILL happen. 

I bring to you the raw reality of what it means to be an animal on planet Earth today – join me if you will…